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How the 8 teams in the quarter-finals

How the 8 teams in the quarter-finals

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The end of the match between England and Colombia is the second round of Russia World Cup. The eight teams from the 16 teams have emerged in the quarter-final by eight teams in the quarter-finals. The group of world-famous stars, like Argentina or Portugal, were dropped again. Knowing how to win before the quarter-finals, who faced the defeat and defeat?

In the inaugural match of the World Cup, there is no history of losing the hosts. That history has not changed yet. In fact, in their first match in the World Cup in Russia, hosts hostile rivalry and opponent Saudi Arabia The team won 5-0 goals in the opening match. Then the Egyptian netted 3 goals In all, the group 'A' finished runners-up to ensure the last 16 teams. Finally, the Group 'B' champion and one of the World Cup teams lost Spain to the quarter-finals. Goalkeeper Igor Akinfov took Spain to the quarter-finals by stopping Spain's two penalty tiebreaks. There is no talk of how this win was possible for a group at number 70 in Russia, but the talk of football is not the end of the world.

In the last 16, Portugal made two goals in the 2-1 win against Portugal, while Uruguay's Cavani scored. In the selection of the team in World Cup, 10 goals in 15 matches. Uruguay's forward Luis Suarez said that Edison Cawney is in danger of being found in the quarter-finals against France. But he is confident that his team will be able to adapt without Cavani. And with just one team, the team 'A' champions in the field. In the group stage, Uruguay scored a 1-0 victory over Egypt and Saudi Arabia and the hosts finished 3-0 in the final match. Later, in the knockout stage, Portugal beat Portugal 2-1 in the quarter-finals to ensure the World Cup quarter-final. Emotional football lovers can now think, but this time the world is unnoticed, even though this year

Classical Edinburgh Cavani's party is not trying to keep themselves unknowingly.

In the second round of the knockout stage, France crushed Argentina to finish the final match. Earlier, winning the World Cup by winning the title of the 1998 champions. But every match has won the sweat. Antonio Grisman and Paul Pogba have been keeping their teams in place. At the top of the group 'C', the group's current FIFA rankings are at 7a. Last year, the quitting farewell team will want very much to take the highest honor in their home.

Neymar has reached Mexico in Mexico's final finish In the last 16, Brazil won 2-0 against Mexico. While Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could not do the second round of time, they showed that Neymar had done the job. The champions of group 'E' have always been given a special game under the supervision of coach Tita. In the group stage, Serbia and Costa Rica lost 2-0 and Tier's team came in the second leg of the 1-1 draw with Switzerland. On the way forward to the Hexa mission, Brazil, on the eve of this World Cup, has reached the final end with a fairly safe footing.

In the 1998 World Cup, for the first time to come to play, the semi-finals went to Croatia, the country of Eastern Europe. Dwarf Suker won the Golden Boot Prize as the highest scorer. The sudden rise in Croatia was so shocked that many footballers, However, as Halley's comet suddenly emerges again, the country is again lost in the ocean. The FIFA rankings are always in the top position, But the field is not bright, but Croatia is one of the strongest teams in the World Cup. And that's the power that Russia will win the World Cup 3-0 against Argentina, 2-1 against Iceland and the 2-0 win against Nigeria. In addition to the 3-0 win over Denmark in the exciting thriller of the knockout stage, the team confirmed the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Russia. From the history of the last match, it is said that the goal of crossing the goal will not be a little behind.

One of the favorites of this year is Belgian. Some people are saying that the team formed with the golden generation can play in the final. Belgian climbed to victory in the last sixteen matches as the sixth team in the quarter-finals. Earlier, Brazil, France, Uruguay, Russia, and Croatia took the last place. Belgian coach Martins has suggested to the disciples to enjoy the game only at the last minute. He also said that there was no pressure of expectation. And this may not be the expectation or just enjoyment. Because there is no tune with the coach Toma Moni. His promise of a great fight, 'now or never' Earlier, the group was named Champion of Group 'H' in England, Tunisia, and Panama. In the second round, Japan beat the quarter-final by ensuring the golden generation.

Sweden beat Switzerland 1-0 in the quarter-finals Instead of making the Swiss 'Knife' blurred in Sweden, it would be more satisfying to say that in the quarters, many days after Sweden's supporters in the chances of the last eight. After being third in the 1994 World Cup, Sweden could never cross the group stage. However, they could not play in the last 2010 and 2014 World Cup. This time it came without Ibrahimovic, the biggest star of the era. The team that came back to the quarter-finals! So, the next match will be in their own hands, the head of the team will be playing in the next matches. Earlier, the group was defeated by South Korea 1-0 and Mexico 3-0. And for them, the matter is that while the ball is far behind in the fight over the possession, they have created opportunities for the goal of attacking every attack in the World Cup.

All except for the rate at Belgium, success is England. Harry, the best player on the team, is flammable. It is said that he has become a go machine. And Southgate has the power to lose any team that was present in the quarter-finals of the World Cup with this Golmashen Earlier, in the group stage, Panamá lost 6-1 in the group and told the team had their own existence. Then, in Tunisia and in the last 16, Sweden went ahead with a further step towards the World Cup. Former England captain Wayne Rooney is dreaming of the final in the form of Harry Kane and the team's success. And there are young footballers like Rahim Sterling, Marcus Rashford. In all, the young team is running well.


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