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France top, Germany-Argentina fall

France top, Germany-Argentina fall

Fifa World Cup Live Streaming | August 16, 2018 | Comments : 0 | #

France has won the title of the FIFA world champions in the World Cup. Germany and Argentina dropped down a lot.


On Thursday, the performance of the top teams in the final ranking of FIFA showed the effect of their performance in the World Cup. The country's top team has progressed from six places to the top.

Germany has dropped 14 points from the group stage. Four-time world champions have dropped to the top of the 15th spot.

Two-time world champion Argentina went out of the top ten. Lionel Messi has dropped six places to the eighth position and Lionel Messi has left the last sixteen of the World Cup.

Brazil's top five-time world champion has dropped down The quarter-finalist team in Russia is at one place in the third position.

The big improvement has happened in France in the final, losing Croatia to France Runnersupa has moved up 16 places to fourth place.

In the quarter-finals, losing to France, Uruguay is nine steps ahead in FIFA position. And in semi-finals, losing to Croatia, England are six points ahead to sixth place.

Of the top 10 countries in the ranking, Europe has eight. Portugal, 8th Switzerland, 9th Spain and Denmark at 10th place in Denmark.


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